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February 2023 "Church Spotlight"

Updated: Feb 17, 2023

We want to spotlight churches we are able to minister at and we'd like to start with Elko Assembly of God in Elko, NV.

Pastor John and Priscilla Kraintz pastor this precious church in Elko, Nevada. We have known this couple for many years now and they have become family to us. They are the real deal! Back in 2009 we came to minister in concert there during my dad's transitioning from this life to Heaven. He had been dealing with Alzheimer's for 12 years! My mother, Rozelle Clark, truly put on the Lord Jesus and showed steadfast faithfulness day after day while being his caretaker in Buhl, ID. In the early morning hours that Sunday we learned my father, Glen Clark, went to be with Jesus. This church family came around us as if we were their own and loved us through our difficult time of loss. A few years later Pastor John and Priscilla lost their son, Jared, in a traumatic pedestrian accident that left him in a coma and later passed away. Jared was so exuberant and welcoming to us when we first met them. Even in the midst of these tribulations and trials we have seen such amazing strength in and through them that is truly supernatural! They continue to stay steadfast. Every time we come to minister to this family of believers we feel such a sweet, tangible presence of the Holy Spirit.

God Equips the called,

Glenda Bostock

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