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Covid came knocking

On August 7th Glenda and I thought we were coming down with a head cold from our grandson. A few days later we were feeling the symptoms like we had a cold is all. That next week we had a big concert with our local pastor friends called the GATHERING. During the concert I, Greg, starting feeling pretty bad and could hardly sing. God got us through the night with over 1200 people turning out for this great outreach concert. That Monday we tested positive for the virus. It hit us pretty hard for about 2 weeks with fever, headaches and extreme tiredness. After 14 days of being locked up in our RV we are now getting our strength back. We had to cancel 2 weekend services and a home concert due to this crazy virus. We want to thank you all for praying for us and sending sweet emails, texts and Facebook posts. And thank you to our daughter Rachael who played the part of our nurse and grocery provider. We pray for all of you that are going through this that God will protect your lungs and bring you through with a new strength to your immune system.

We are looking forward to getting back out into ministry. God is so faithful! Lord bless you all!

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