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Our September 2011 Newsletter is available online. Check it out or read any of our archive Newsletters by following the link below.

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Our Team

Blastoff Music Ministries has a ministry team of over eleven families working together with one goal in mind. That goal is to communicate the power, love, and grace of our Lord Jesus Christ to communities worldwide through music, missions, workshops, youth events, and video productions.

A multitude of talents is available to you and your community. Check us out!


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Our Ministry

Greg & Glenda Bostock started their music ministry together in 1982. Through the years, they and their family have worked with teams of people reaching out to a lost world that desperately needs Jesus.

Blastoff Music Ministries was conceived in Greg and Glenda's heart in 2001. With the call of God on their lives, they set out to minister to the churched and the un-churched world through the power of music, testimony, multi-media, and the infallible Word of God.


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Our Mission

Blastoff Music Ministries exists for this purpose: to answer the call of Isaiah 40:3, to preach God's saving grace to the lost and equipping Christians with the tools and techniques necessary to deal with these challenges.

Our Ministry will bless you and encourage you through music and workshops designed specifically to strengthen and empower you in your walk with God. Find out how we can help you!


We are excited that our new projects, Intimate Worship and My Portion, are now available to order!

Intimate Worship DVD

The Intimate Worship DVD is full of God's beauty we have captured while touring America with some of our original worshipful songs, such as Just to Know You Lord, and our new song, A Touch From Heaven.

My Portion CD

My Portion has a variety to enjoy from the calming ballad, Be Still to the favorite upbeat rewrite, Sweet Home.

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